How many smoke alarms should I have in my home?

Answer On One Hand: Number of Floors in HomeA smoke detector should be located on every livable floor in a home. If your home has a basement, install one there as well. Be sure to interconnect the alarm... Read More »

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Should we have smoke alarms on each level of our home?

Homeowners are encouraged to put a smoke alarm on every level of their home, even in the basement. In multi-level homes, smoke from a fire that starts on a floor without an alarm installed can't re... Read More »

Are smoke alarms radioactive?

Ionization smoke detectors, found in most homes, use a radioactive substance called americium-241 to detect the presence of smoke particles, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Thi... Read More »

How many smoke alarms can be on 1 circuit?

It is important to have smoke detectors on their own circuit. Multiple smoke alarms can be put on one circuit, but the amount varies between manufacturers. Check in the instruction manual first, bu... Read More »

Im renting a house should it have smoke alarms?

I believe you're in the UK, so the American answers will be totally wrong. It depends on the age of the house. The 1991 Smoke Detectors Act, requires that all new houses that have been built since... Read More »