How many smart phones are in the us?

Answer Yes they can, through 3rd party software like Tango or Fring. If I helped you out like my facebook page at

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What are smart phones which is the best smart phone if your budget is between 12 to 14 thousand RS?

A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary basic feature phone. Smart phones and feature phones may be thought of as handheld co... Read More »

Top ten smart phones?

20B Desk Phone30253002500trimline.....oh, another misplaced question in the LAND PHONE section...

How many smart cell phones are in the us?

Some verizon 3g smart phones?

Probably the Droid X2. thats the last Dual Core smartphone that i can remember that didn't have LTE in it.also, my wife had the Droid Incredible 2 and that was a pretty nice little phone.