How many sleeping pills do you have to take to commit suicide?

Answer 5 - 10 to be unconcious, 11 or more to die, since it's a novel, make up the name of the sleeping pill, good luck with that

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What are the most common pills people take to commit suicide?

Im not dumb -.- I read the question about ur mother.I bet u will swallow it! Please , don't ! I was just's not nice to threaten .I hate people who stereotype anyone but people like that... Read More »

Which sleeping tablet the best tablet to commit suicide without pain?

Want to commit suicide! what's the best way to do it?

Look, if you kill yourself your going to hell anyways! That wont make you feel better only worse! You will be burning in fire and being torture. I dont know what your religon is..but try getting cl... Read More »

What happens if you try to commit suicide and survive?

You can be arrested and hospitalized against your will.Everyone you know will find out and you'll always be known as "that person who tried to kill themself".If life seems sh*tty that means it can ... Read More »