How is it possible to drown yourself?

Answer Suicide by drowning is not impossible, although it is not the easiest method. Most of the people who do choose very deep water, and are very determined to succeed. If they can hold their breath l... Read More »

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How to Drown a Sim in "The Sims 3"?

The game "The Sims 3", players create characters and control their every move as they live their lives. Sims die during the game for various reasons, such as old age, starvation and drowning. Play... Read More »

M&Ms or Skittles?

WE all know I am a little fruity... GO SKITTLES :)

M&M or Skittles <= ^=^?

Depends what mood I'm in, but in general, skittles all the way:)

Is there a way i can buy only red skittles/ m and m's?

Check with a company called "Oh, Nuts". Just Google it. Then look under "candy by color"