How many sit ups should I do daily A recommended amount.?

Answer soreness is a good indication that your muscles are a bit torn. doing sit-ups daily will lead to injury, back and neck aches. if you want abs I say burn the fat all over your body to see those abs.... Read More »

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How Many Pushups Should I Do Daily?

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, has produced a range of quality management standards which are recognized around the world, known as ISO 9000. Companies seek to achieve ... Read More »

What is the Recommended Daily Intake of Red Dye #40?

A varied diet is of the upmost importance. May I suggest that you use strawberry-flavoured sugar in your morning coffee, farmed salmon in your lunch if you're posh, pig-related luncheon meats if yo... Read More »

How much fish oil is recommended daily?

The recommended dosage of fish oil varies based on the health of the individual taking it. For individuals with high triglycerides, 2 to 4 g is recommended daily. For heart disease, 1 g is recommen... Read More »

Recommended daily intake of unsaturated fat?

Less than 30% of your daily caloric intake.