How many simple machines are in a vacuum cleaner?

Answer 4

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What kind of simple machine is a vacuum cleaner?

yes because its composition is made of Simple Machines

Is a bicycle and a vacuum cleaner a type of simple machine?

I'd say a bicycle is really simple but a vacuum is a bit more complexEdit: No, Neither of them are simple machines. A vaccum cleaner is composed of several simple machine, (I don't really know what... Read More »

A vacuum cleaner uses 800 W of power The voltage source is 100 V What is the current flowing through the vacuum cleaner?

A man cleaning his apartment pushes a vacuum cleaner with a force of magnitude 79.3 N The force makes an angle of 22.8 with the horizontal floor The vacuum cleaner is pushed 2.29 m to the right?

AnswerMost modern ice makers require 35 to 40 psi water pressure to properly operate. Attempting to use less pressure will result in no ice at all or possibly causing the solenoid valves to not ful... Read More »