How many sides does a prism have?

Answer A prism has a total of five sides. Triangular tops and bottoms are connected by three rectangular faces. If the triangles on the top and bottom are congruent (i.e., they are of equal size and angle... Read More »

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How many sides does a hexagonal prism have?

A hexagonal prism has eight sides. This is derived from the two hexagon bases and the six sides that would come together to form the prism. A prism consists of two shapes parallel to one another w... Read More »

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What is a prism used for?

The primary purpose of a prism is to deviate light. Its refractive properties and ability to break down white light into its components is an added bonus. Isaac Newton used prisms to see the colorf... Read More »

What is a prism in math?

A prism is a polyhedron shape that has two parallel, congruent faces called bases. A shape is named a prism based on the shape of its base. There are many types of prisms.Triangular PrismA triangul... Read More »