How many siblings does prodigy have from mindless behavior?

Answer 3

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What is Mindless Behavior real names?

*Princeton is Jacob (Jacob Perez) *Prodigy is Craig (Craig Crippen Jr. - some list as Craig Johnson) *Ray Ray is Randy (Raquan Jones - some list as Randy Woodland/Randy Rayson) *Roc Royal is Trey (... Read More »

Why is it that sisters' behavior towards siblings don't change after getting boyfriend or husband but brothers' often changes after getting into romantic relationship and they start ignoring siblings?

who told boys (i.e) brothers get changed when they get a girl friend? they never change in there char....... they want to take care of the girl who came for him.. so they show there love , care ..e... Read More »

How to Stop Negative Attention Seeking Behavior from Your Siblings?

Do you have siblings who do things just to get my attention. At times it is cute but at other times it is just plain annoying. So, to stop that negative attention seeking behavior, follow the steps... Read More »

Mindless Behaviior or 1 Directiion?