How many siblings does daddy yankie have?

Answer I dont KNOW! plz someone tell me its for my homework! I'm not sure if I am a bit late, but I know he has a sister, but that's all who I know of :-)

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How many kids does puff daddy have?

According to the Biography Channel, Puff Daddy---whose real name is Sean Combs---has five children with three different women. Puff Daddy is the father of three girls and two boys.Source:Bio: Puff ... Read More »

How many legs does a grand daddy long legged spider have?

Grand daddy long legs spiders, also called daddy long legs, have eight legs. This type of spider, called Pholcus phalangioides, comes from the class Arachnida. Animals in this class all have eight ... Read More »

How many siblings does Michael j fox have?

Not including Michael J. Fox himself, Michael has 5 sibling's. 2 boys and 3 girls.

How many siblings does jay leno have?