How many siblings did nicky cruz have?

Answer 16/17, we're doing a project on it at school

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How many siblings does Penelope cruz have?

How to Tie a Nicky Knot?

There are many different ways to tie a tie. If you're lucky, you may know one or two ways. The Nicky Knot is a method that is not as common, but just as simple as the half-windsor or windsor tie. M... Read More »

Y & R why why why couldn't Nicky have been in Mrs. C's room?

If Nikki would have been in there, she would have flattened Jill despite having MS.

Chanelle from BB or Nicky from BB who win in a fight Opinions please?

Nicky would win as Chanelle's head would exploded from the high pitch whiny noise that would come forth from the Klingon foreheaded one!