How many siblings did benazair Bhutto have?

Answer Yes she has a brother named Craig Robinson who coaches basketball at Brown University

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What Taliban leader implicated in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was reportedly killed in a 2009 strike by a United States Predator drone?

Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Uthman Abu al-Yazid of al-Qaeda claimed responsibillity for Bhutto's death and he is turn was killed by a drone air strike in Pakistan on 21 May 2010.

Why are older siblings in the media always dumber than the younger siblings when in reality it has been proven that it is actually the other way around?

They happen to think that's its funnier that the one who should be more mature is less mature. I don't know if the part about younger siblings being dumber is true, but I know I am way smarter than... Read More »

How can younger siblings support older siblings taking a test?

Although they won't admit it, older siblings do love when their younger siblings give them support. Your sibling might be nervous about the test- before they go to school in the morning, give them ... Read More »

If one of siblings die with mum does the inheritance go to other siblings and the dead sons children or his wife?