How many siblings did Johannes Gutenberg have?

Answer he has 3 sisters!

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How many words were in the original Gutenberg Bible?

The original Gutenberg Bible consisted of two volumes of approximately 300 pages each. Each page had 42 lines, and each line contained about five words. Therefore, there were approximately 126,000 ... Read More »

How many paintings did Johannes Vermeer paint?

Over the course of his career, Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer only produced 37 paintings. All paintings were oil on canvas with portraits and landscapes as subjects. One of his most famous painting... Read More »

How many siblings did Ray Kroc have?

Answer Call your local county court house to find out. More Contributor Opinions Under Michigan law the minor and one parent or legal guardian must give written consent for an abortion to be perfo... Read More »

How many siblings did Miro have?

She has a brother: Clyde K. Johnson, driver; born 1949; six years older than Whoopi; often works as Whoopi's personal driver on film locations