How many siblings did Christiaan Huygens have?

Answer I know he had 2 brothers, Constantijn (Jr. or II) the oldest and Lodewijk the youngest, but im pretty sure he also had a little sister

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Did christiaan barnard have siblings and parents?

Yes, Christiaan Barnard did have siblings and parents.In-fact he had four brothers and a mom and dad

How many siblings do topac have?

Ok. one assumes you mean Unsolved Case # l of the KGB! Name of Father- Czar Nicholas of Russia, Mother- Alexandra, Empress of Russia- Nee Alexandra Von Hess (of German background). siblings- Olga- ... Read More »

How many siblings did Miro have?

She has a brother: Clyde K. Johnson, driver; born 1949; six years older than Whoopi; often works as Whoopi's personal driver on film locations

How many siblings did Betsy have?

Answer Please search online for a Planned Parenthood that is in your city or located near your region. They can answer your questions and information and everything is kept confidential. They ca... Read More »