How many shots will it take to get me drunk?

Answer 3-4 depending on your height and metabolism. Try absynth if you're really wanting a fast delivery... wait, you're 14? Slightly illegal but whatever...

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How many shots of vodka will it take to make me drunk?

if you drink a lot, 5 or 6, If you don't drink much...1

How many shots could someone who is 15 weighs 95 and is 5 ft 2 inches be able to take without getting drunk?

Probably zero. If it is hard liquor one shot gets even adults buzzed so two shots max will floor an under, unless maybe it's diluted grocery store loquor. Nice "health" project.

How many shots to get me drunk ?

How many shots to get drunk?

There are several factors to consider like when you last ate or are going to eat, and how rapidly you are going to be knocking them back.If you take one every 30 minutes after eating you could prob... Read More »