How many shots to get me drunk ?

Answer 36-39 shots should do it

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How many shots to get drunk?

There are several factors to consider like when you last ate or are going to eat, and how rapidly you are going to be knocking them back.If you take one every 30 minutes after eating you could prob... Read More »

How many shots would get me drunk?

Someone not used to alcohol will probably be buzzed after 2 shots in 30 mins. I would stop at 3 or 4 unless you like being sick. And I would space them out every 30 mins. So about 4 or 3

How many shots to get me tipsy/drunk?

if youve been drunk 4 times before you wouldnt be asking this question.

How many shots to get me drunk/tipsy?

Take 3 shots to get your buzz and two to three more to become drunk.