How many shots of vodka to get drunk?

Answer Please bear in mind, that for me, I seem to be Minbari, and that ANY alcohol will provoke an instant, and rather powerful reaction in me. Utter frickkin' psychosis. Bear that in mind, when you tr... Read More »

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How many shots of vodka (4cl) to get drunk?

It depends on many factors. And get this. Just because you were able to handle ten shots of Vodka in an hour one night, you may be seriously intoxicated the next time you try it. People forget all ... Read More »

How many shots of vodka normally gets you drunk?

4 shots of Smirnoff, gets me pretty gone. I'm a young, girl, that's only 5'0 and 120 pounds, with an already low tolerance though. not a big drinker anyway.-answer my question, if you feel like it-... Read More »

How many shots of vodka will it take to make me drunk?

if you drink a lot, 5 or 6, If you don't drink much...1

How many shots to get drunk?

There are several factors to consider like when you last ate or are going to eat, and how rapidly you are going to be knocking them back.If you take one every 30 minutes after eating you could prob... Read More »