Is there anywhere you can drink alchol at 18?

Answer Canada?

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How to bring alchol to a party?

You pretty much have to either hold onto it or accept that other people are going to drink at least some of it. Just avoid parties where everybody is a moocher that shows up empty-handed.

How much alchol would you have to drink to pass out?

According to the average BAC statistics for a "typical" 150 pound male, it would take a BAC of 0.30 or 12 standard drinks* per hour. This is the person tends to black out, or loses consciousness. A... Read More »

How to hide your alchol from your parents?

wrap bottles in a towel. be careful, those things can get you messed up quick if you are a light weight girl with no food.

If you take insulin shots, will your body become dependent on the shots?

You would only be taking insulin shots if your body is no longer producing insulin on its own any longer. If your body is no longer producing insulin, then you need the shots. Your body is not depe... Read More »