How many ships did Jacques Cartier command?

Answer Jacques Cartier was in charge of two ships on his first mission. There were 61 crew members on board the two ships. He was commissioned by the King of France to search for a passage to the Orient.S... Read More »

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How many expeditions did jacques cartier go on?

Jacques Cartier went on three expeditions in his lifetime. On all three expeditions Cartier went to Canada. His first voyage was in 1534 and lasted 137 days. His second voyage started in May 1535 a... Read More »

When did Jacques Cartier die?

Jacques Cartier, whose explorations of the St. Lawrence River opened up the Canadian interior to colonization, died on Sept. 1, 1557. The navigator and explorer died at Saint-Malo in France, where ... Read More »

Who are the parents of Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier, famous explorer of what is now Canada, was born in France in 1491. His father was Jamet Cartier, eldest son of Jean Cartier. Jacques' mother was Geseline Jansart. Jacques was the... Read More »

How did jacques cartier affect america?

Jacques Cartier legacy has been most effected in New France, whose Atlantic coastline he first visited in 1534. He was the first European explorer to make careful note of a vast land that would eve... Read More »