How many ships are in a naval fleet?

Answer The number of ships in a fleet varies by country. The U.S. Navy has 409 active ships, as of April, 2010. A large number of these are based in San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia.Source:Unit... Read More »

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How many ships in the Second US fleet?

There is no set number; like all fleet commands around the world, the number of naval assets assigned to 2nd Fleet changes constantly. This is because ships form different Task Forces, Battle Group... Read More »

How many ships are in US Navy PAcific Fleet?

How many naval carriers are in a fleet?

The US Navy fleet of carriers currently includes eleven ships. These carriers are USS Enterprise and ten nimitz class carriers: USS Nimitz, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Carl Vinson, USS Theodore R... Read More »

How many u.s. navy ships are there actively in the fleet?

The United States Navy has 283 active ships in the fleet as of 2008. They are comprised mostly of surface warships. Auxilliary and amphibious ships make up most of the rest of the fleet. There are ... Read More »