How many shingles do I need to cover my roof?

Answer On One Hand: Calculating SquaresShingles come in both bundles and squares. The amount of shingles needed to cover 100 square feet of roof is called a square. Measure the area of your roof to calcul... Read More »

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How many squares of shingles do you need to cover 1900 ft roof?

One square covers 100 square feet, so to cover 1900 square feet of roof you would need 19 squares. However, you also need "starter shingles" and "hip and ridge" shingles, plus you need to have a fe... Read More »

How many shingles to cover the roof crown?

Shingles vary in dimensions, and sometimes there are specific bundles of shingles made for the sole purpose of ridge coverage. If you are using the house shingles for ridge, take the length of ridg... Read More »

How many sq. ft. does a bundle of shingles cover?

Roof shingles are sold by the square, which is the quantity needed to cover 100 square feet. Depending on shingle type and quantity, there are usually three roofing shingle bundles to a square, wit... Read More »

How many squares of shingles do I need?

On One Hand: Planed RoofTo determine how many square tiles you need for a planed roof, measure the length and width of each plane, multiply the length times the width for each plane to get the squa... Read More »