How many sheets are in a quire?

Answer A quire, which is one-twentieth of a ream, contains 25 sheets of paper based on today's standard ream of 500 sheets. During much of the 20th century, depending on the type of paper, a ream was 480,... Read More »

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Whats the best Hangover quire.?

What you do is this:Stand at one end of a long room. Have your mate stand at the other end. Let him take a run up, and really get some speed up, and take a running kick straight in to your knackers... Read More »

Will 200 thread count cotton sheets pill What is the lowest thread count sheets you use?

They can, but if you wash them correctly they won't for a while (on gentle or bedding, warm wash/cold rinse and DO NOT put them in a hot dryer. use low heat or permanent press.)150 is the lowest I ... Read More »

How do I get gum out of bed sheets?

FreezePlace the entire bed sheet into the freezer for an hour. Allow the gum to get cold and brittle before removal. Pick off the gum with your fingers. Use the edge of a dull knife or plastic spat... Read More »

Do you know where I can get these sheets?