How many sheets are in a quire?

Answer A quire, which is one-twentieth of a ream, contains 25 sheets of paper based on today's standard ream of 500 sheets. During much of the 20th century, depending on the type of paper, a ream was 480,... Read More »

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Whats the best Hangover quire.?

What you do is this:Stand at one end of a long room. Have your mate stand at the other end. Let him take a run up, and really get some speed up, and take a running kick straight in to your knackers... Read More »

How many sheets can be in an Excel workbook?

According to Microsoft, its Excel spreadsheet program has no hard limits on how many sheets can be in a single Excel workbook. This means, in principle, an unlimited number of sheets may be placed ... Read More »

How many sheets should you put in a paper cutter?

All paper cutters have individual capacity ratings. While a hand-operated consumer grade paper cutter might cut up to nine sheets of paper at one time, select electric-powered commercial cutters ca... Read More »

How many inches are king-size sheets?

Fitted king-sized sheets are 78 by 80 inches, and are made to fit snugly over your king-sized mattress. The depths of fitted sheets vary, with "standard" sheets 7 to 9 inches deep, "deep" sheets 10... Read More »