How many sharps does a B major scale have?

Answer A B major scale has five sharps, which fall on the notes C, D, F, G and A; the notes B and E are natural and no notes are flat. The B major scale's relative minor is G sharp minor and its enharmoni... Read More »

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What is the name of the major key with two sharps?

Each musical key, or scale forming the basis of a piece of music, has its own distinct set of seven notes. The only major key with two sharps, the key of D is composed of the notes D, E, F-sharp, G... Read More »

How many major commands does the US Air Force Have?

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How many sharps are in the key of A?

Each key on the musical scale has a different number of flat and sharp notes that follow a pattern up the scale. The key of A has three sharps: F sharp, C sharp, and G sharp, commonly written F#, C... Read More »

How to Play an F Major Scale on Piano?

This will show you how to play an F Major Scale on Piano.