How many sharps are in the key of A?

Answer Each key on the musical scale has a different number of flat and sharp notes that follow a pattern up the scale. The key of A has three sharps: F sharp, C sharp, and G sharp, commonly written F#, C... Read More »

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What is the name of the major key with two sharps?

Each musical key, or scale forming the basis of a piece of music, has its own distinct set of seven notes. The only major key with two sharps, the key of D is composed of the notes D, E, F-sharp, G... Read More »

How Do I Dispose of Laboratory Sharps?

Health-care workers frequently deal with laboratory sharps. Proper disposal of these items is very important. Due to the hazardous nature of laboratory sharps, any used needles, lancets or other ha... Read More »

How many sharps does a B major scale have?

A B major scale has five sharps, which fall on the notes C, D, F, G and A; the notes B and E are natural and no notes are flat. The B major scale's relative minor is G sharp minor and its enharmoni... Read More »

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