How many shades of brown are there?

Answer Scientists estimate that there are an infinite number of colors, and an infinite number of shades of brown. By mixing brown with different concentrations of black, white and other colors, you could... Read More »

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Shades drawn or shades closed What is more economical?

Do dark shades or light shades repel heat better?

Light shades repel heat better than dark shades. Dark colors absorb light and convert it into heat. Light colors reflect the light, so much less of it is converted into heat.References:Munsell Colo... Read More »

How many shades of black exist?

Additive Color Theory states that black exists when there is no color (or light); Subtractive Color Theory states that black is a combination of primary colors. Regardless of which theory one subsc... Read More »

How many shades of grey can the human eye see?

The human eye can see approximately 30 separate shades of gray. The retina of the eye contains receptors, which distinguish the various levels of light, while the cones make out colors.Source:Scien... Read More »