How many shades of black exist?

Answer Additive Color Theory states that black exists when there is no color (or light); Subtractive Color Theory states that black is a combination of primary colors. Regardless of which theory one subsc... Read More »

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Do black roses exist?

In reality, there are no true black roses. There are some that are referred to as black roses, but they are a very deep red or burgundy. Some of the popular varieties of these dark roses are black ... Read More »

Do black orchids exist?

Black orchids do not exist in nature. There are some orchid plants that produce flowers that are a deep maroon color or a dark purple, but they aren't truly black. There aren't any flowers which ar... Read More »

Do black shooting stars exist?

The term shooting star refers to the bright, incandescent glow made by small bits of space dust and debris as they burn up while streaking through the atmosphere. Therefore, a shooting star cannot,... Read More »

Does black strawberries exist?

well maybe I dont know about black strawbery