How many servers does Wikipedia have?

Answer How could that be a trade secret? Wikipedia is a non-commercial organisation.Which servers the Wikimediafoundation uses, how many, where they are and what they do can be found here: http://meta.wik... Read More »

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Are wikipedia's servers down Mar. 24 1:41?

One of the co-founders was probably banging some conservative political pundit on top of the server rack.…

What are dns servers?

they tell you computer where to find a web page...For instance means nothing to a computer without a DNS server that tells it to go to an IP address such as Essentially it... Read More »

How to Fix DNS Servers?

Fixing your DNS server settings allows you to restore or improve your Internet connectivity. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) maintains DNS servers, or name servers, which convert Uniform Resou... Read More »

Mw3 servers are down?

LOL everyone saying they are going to switch because the servers aren't up for like 1-3 hours... OK go buy a new XBOX 360 for $200 I'll go to sleep and play in the morning. Anyways to answer your q... Read More »