How many sepals does a peony have?

Answer Peonies (the name given to flowers in the genus Paeonia) have five sepals. Sepals are the green outer leaves of a flower that protect the bud before the flower blooms.Source:"Paeonia"; A Dictionary... Read More »

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What flowers have joined sepals?

Joined - Hibiscus, Mustard Separated - Lotus, Rose

Are petals&sepals actually leaves?

Leaves, sepals and petals are completely different parts of the plant. Petals are brightly colored to attract insects to collect pollen from the sepals. Sepals protect the flowering bud. They are t... Read More »

Is a peony deciduous?

Peonies, a member of the family Paeoniaceae, are deciduous plants. This perennial flower loses its leaves during the winter. Peonies grow back in the spring and bloom in the late spring or early su... Read More »

When should i prune my peony?

On One Hand: Right After They BloomWhen the blooms on your peonies die in the spring, it is time to prune the branches. Cut them back to the first joint on each branch, which is usually about halfw... Read More »