The Average Pay for State Senators?

Answer Each state legislature has the right to determine how to compensation its legislators. This means that the pay of state senators varies widely across the country. Not only the amount varies, but al... Read More »

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How do you let your Representitves and Senators know what your wants are?

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How to Write Your Ohio Senators?

Writing your senator about an issue can be a fairly easy task, as long as you do not let your emotions get the best of you. Always be respectful and courteous when writing your letter, even if the ... Read More »

Do senators get benefits after retirement?

U.S. senators do get retirement benefits, according to the U.S. Senate website. However, they must have at least five years of experience. More than 20 years lets them retire at 50, and 25 years of... Read More »

Ways to Contact Senators?

If you desire to contact a senator, there are a variety of ways that you can make your voice heard. Whether you have social, environmental, economical or general concerns or questions, you can eith... Read More »