How many people from each state on average serve in the US Navy?

Answer no...never in the military.

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The Average Pay for State Senators?

Each state legislature has the right to determine how to compensation its legislators. This means that the pay of state senators varies widely across the country. Not only the amount varies, but al... Read More »

How many doses of H1N1 flu vaccine does each state in the US have?

In the US and Northern Hemisphere in the 2011-2012 flu season, the H1N1/09 (swine flu) vaccine is included in the "regular" seasonal flu vaccination. There is currently (fall 2011) no shortage of t... Read More »

How many digits in an American mobile phone number and are there variants in the pre-fix no's state to state?

You have to dial an area code unless you are already in the dialling area of the number. So the area code is 3 digits. Then the number is 7. Example a Chicago number would be area code 773, then y... Read More »

How many bullies are there in each school?

When I was in school there was at least 2 bullies in each class. Now we have gangs and the number is unknowable and high.