How many seeds should be planted in jiffy peat pots?

Answer Plant as many seeds in a jiffy peat pot as you normally would in a little seed hole in the ground--follow the directions on the seed packet. For most seeds, the recommended number is three to five.... Read More »

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How to Plant Seeds in Peat Pots?

Peat pots are made from compressed peat. The benefit of using these to start flower and vegetable seeds is that the entire pot is planted in the garden, minimizing root disturbance of the plants. T... Read More »

I have tried using "peat pots" to start my vegetable seeds, but many times they wont sprout?

Are you talking "jiffy 7" pellets, or peat pots? You'd put potting soil in peat pots. Lots of people have success with jiffy 7 pellets. But if you're having problems with germination, it might n... Read More »

How do I use peat pots?

Add SoilFill the peat pots with potting mix. Fill a pan with warm water and place the filled peat pots into the pan. The peat pots will absorb the water.GerminationDrain excess water and plant seed... Read More »

How to Grow in Peat Pots?

Peat pots are biodegradable planting pots filled with potting soil or seed starting mix. The outside of the pot is commonly made from sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp. Peat pots are designed to bre... Read More »