How many seeds does a strawberry have?

Answer According to the California Strawberry Commission, the average number of seeds on a strawberry is about 200. The actual number on each strawberry will differ and can range anywhere from under 100 t... Read More »

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How long does it take for strawberry seeds to sprout?

It takes 2-3 weeks for it to sprout also if wanted in bag with water put in fridge for that long. When it germinates take it out put it in a cup and the bag over it for less evaporation. Be sure to... Read More »

How many seeds does an apple have?

Seeds In Apples It all depends on what kind of apple it is. Sometimes red apples have 5 sometimes it haves more or less. Green apples would have about 6 or less.

How many seeds does a melon have?

A range between 50-150. The most that have ever been recorded was 462. But that was the biggest water melon ever.

How many seeds does a morning glory have?

The morning glory is an annual flowering vine which produces round seed pods that hang in clusters. A single plant can produce thousands of seed pods, typically with four seeds per pod. When mornin... Read More »