How many seeds does a raspberry?

Answer 6732 seeds.

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Does this sound good Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream?

OMG when are you going to make this and can you PLEASE invite me when you do???? Raspberry and chocolate are my two favorite flavors together.

Where are raspberry seeds located on the fruit?

Being a bramble fruit, a raspberry is not a true berry but is actually an aggregate of many smaller fruits, or drupelets. The raspberry's seeds reside within the drupelets, each of which consists o... Read More »

How many seeds does an apple have?

Seeds In Apples It all depends on what kind of apple it is. Sometimes red apples have 5 sometimes it haves more or less. Green apples would have about 6 or less.

How many seeds does a melon have?

A range between 50-150. The most that have ever been recorded was 462. But that was the biggest water melon ever.