How many seeds does a melon have?

Answer A range between 50-150. The most that have ever been recorded was 462. But that was the biggest water melon ever.

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How do you germinate melon seeds?

place in a wet substrate and keep dark for 1-3 days at 28 degrees celcius

How do I plant melon seeds?

Time FramePick a site that has full sun exposure with good drainage. Planting melon seeds takes place about a week after the last frost. Melons need a soil temperature of at least 65 degrees Fahren... Read More »

What phobia is the fear of melon seeds?

Where can I buy bitter melon seeds in Hong Kong?

Bitter melon is a part of both Chinese medicine and Chinese cuisine. Whether stir fried, stewed or boiled in a soup with pork, bitter melon is considered both delicious and very good for your healt... Read More »