How many seeds are needed to grow weed?

Answer a female and a male seed

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How to grow my weed seeds?

Keep the light on them. When you get the second set of leaves, the first set are leaflets and do not photosynthesize, then you can start giving the plants some organic Fish Emulsions fertilizer as... Read More »

Can you grow marijuana with the seeds you get with weed?

How many t8 lights are needed for a grow room?

One t8 light is needed for every square foot of floor space in your grow room. For example, if you are working with 4 square feet of floor space you will require eight t8 lights that total 512 watt... Read More »

How many vines are needed to grow grapes?

According to, most grape plants need only one vine to grow. There are some grape plant varieties that need two vines to grow. Two vines will produce enough grapes for an average fa... Read More »