How many seeds are in a small pumpkin?

Answer While the number of seeds in a pumpkin varies, one way to estimate how many your small pumpkin contains is to multiply the number of fruiting sections by 16. A pumpkin with 10 sections would have a... Read More »

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How many carbohydrates in pumpkin seeds?

Carbohydrates in pumpkin seedsThere are:ROASTEDapprox 15 carbohydrates in each ounce or 28 g of roasted pumpkin seedsapprox 15 carbohydrates in one serving, about 85 seeds, of roasted pumpkin seeds... Read More »

How do I tell how many seeds are in a pumpkin?

Wrtie Down EstimatesWrite down each person's or team's guesses about how many pumpkin seeds are in a pumpkin. Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin, and remove the stem. Make the hole large enough t... Read More »

How many seeds are in an average sized pumpkin?

An average sized pumpkin can contain anywhere from 1 cup to 2 cups of pumpkin seeds, which is about 300 seeds. This is due to the variation in the average sizes of pumpkins. Light roasting helps pr... Read More »

How many seeds does an average pumpkin contain?

There is no exact way to determine how many seeds are in a pumpkin. Pumpkins come in hundreds of varieties and their seed counts vary. Large pumpkins do not necessarily contain more seeds than smal... Read More »