What does it mean when your eyes get blurry but then go right back to normal within seconds Any ideas?

Answer Do your eyes feel or seem dry? Regardless, your eyes could be slighly dry and whats happening is your tear film is not functioning properly and is evaporating when your eyes are open. When this ha... Read More »

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I drink a glass of water and few seconds later I sweat a lot. Is this normal?

Besides water, try drinking Gatorade. You need salt in your system.

Why does my heart start beating fast and hard for a few seconds, then carry on as normal?

Maybe there's a blockage somewhere. I'd have it checked out as a precaution. Tell them you have an irregular heart beat.

Does anyone know the answer to trivia questions All in Just Seconds and Four Year Old Snubs Prince William?

Just seconds, try 30 seconds. Four year old snubs Prince William, try a rose.

My network disconnects me every 30 seconds and reconnects me after 5 seconds?

It might be something as simple as Skype using all the bandwidth available to that computer. Video connections can use a lot of bandwidth and depending upon how you are connecting to the router, th... Read More »