9 1/2 hours to seconds?

Answer There are 34200 seconds in 9 1/2 hours, I got there by multiplying 60 seconds by 60 minutes 3600 then multiplying that by 9 1/2, 34200..

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How many hours does 500 seconds equal?

There are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour. Sixty times 60 is 3,600: the number of seconds in an hour. Five hundred divided by 3,600 equals .138, or 13.8 percent. So 500 seconds equ... Read More »

How to Convert Seconds to Hours & Minutes?

Generally, the time is presented in the “hour:minute:second” format. However, for some experiments or calculations, it may be convenient to present time intervals only in seconds. The time conv... Read More »

I have to urinate every 2 hours or feels like my bladder is really full but it last like 10 seconds?

1)Prostate2)UTI3) High Blood Pressure4) DiabetesVisit a Doctor.

My network disconnects me every 30 seconds and reconnects me after 5 seconds?

It might be something as simple as Skype using all the bandwidth available to that computer. Video connections can use a lot of bandwidth and depending upon how you are connecting to the router, th... Read More »