How many seats does a Lamborghini aventador have?

Answer 2 seater

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Lamborghini Aventador?

obviously try to stay away from bad neighborhoods but in general people respect cool cars like lamborghinis and ferraris. expect a lot of attention and people to be constantly asking questions and ... Read More »

Key-scratching A Lamborghini Aventador?

No. I wouldn't scratch a Yugo. I've had a car scratched before (the entire deck lid on a '92 Camaro). I didn't appreciate that very much, and I sure the Lamborghini owner wouldn't want the same ... Read More »

How many seats does the Hummer H3 have?

There are two rows of seats in the 2010 model of the Hummer H3. It is advertised that this is sufficient to seat five people, but there is disagreement among car reviewers about whether five people... Read More »

How many seats does a hummer have?

The Hummer H1 was equipped with four bucket seats, providing seating for four passengers. The Hummer H2 was equipped with two front bucket seats, but the other seats depended upon the chosen config... Read More »