How many seats does a Lamborghini aventador have?

Answer 2 seater

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Lamborghini Aventador?

obviously try to stay away from bad neighborhoods but in general people respect cool cars like lamborghinis and ferraris. expect a lot of attention and people to be constantly asking questions and ... Read More »

Key-scratching A Lamborghini Aventador?

No. I wouldn't scratch a Yugo. I've had a car scratched before (the entire deck lid on a '92 Camaro). I didn't appreciate that very much, and I sure the Lamborghini owner wouldn't want the same ... Read More »

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Home toilet seats are a solid loop, but public seats have a gap?

Most males/people don't want to touch a public toilet seat to lift it, and will just go ahead and pee. The gap is there so that even if people don't lift it, there's a lower chance of pee touching ... Read More »