How do you get SpongeBob to do the criss cross twister on the app SpongeBob tickler?

Answer i have the app and i can't quite remember how to do it but i think u put 2 fingers across spongebob diangly and twist i think

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I am looking to get some new tv seasons or series.. I have all seasons of Sunny in Philadelphia..Scrubs?

Weeds, Heroes, Lost, Nip/Tuck, and Big Bang Theory. Excellent shows.

Old spongebob vs new spongebob?

Old sponge for sure. Why is this a question?

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Do u like spongebob?

i love spongebob and want to move in next, not with squidward or my own...castle.!do you like blu from foster's home for imaginary friends?oh, and i'm in my 30's.i also love it... Read More »