King of the hill first episode?

Answer King Of The Hill debuted on FOX in January 1997.

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How many seasons does the king of queens have?

Is there a website that has all of the king of the hill episodes?

Not sure if you consider Netflix a website, but they have (minus one episode) the entire run (not just the seasons that were released on DVD) to "watch instant."

When is King of the Hill Season 6 going to be released on DVD for the UK?

It's available but not in a Region 2 version ~ see related link below . The sales of the series probably did not generate enough revenue for a Region 2 release .

Can i download king of the hill season 7 - 13 anywhere?

There are various torrent sites where you can download the rest of the series but the episodes are poor quality and won't burn onto a DVD. The full series is available on Netflix in the U.S. and on... Read More »