I am looking to get some new tv seasons or series.. I have all seasons of Sunny in Philadelphia..Scrubs?

Answer Weeds, Heroes, Lost, Nip/Tuck, and Big Bang Theory. Excellent shows.

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How many seasons on MMC were there?

The producer who was paying to keep the shows and movies up didn't have any money or apparently some person(s) sent a message to the producer saying it was lame or something

Do you have seasons 5?

Obviously in some TV shows there are going to be five seasons!!!Do you watch TV at all?

How many seasons of Dexter will there be?

Nobody knows that some shows on Showtime have gotten five or six seasons some are still going Dexter is only going on its fourth season, and its a very popular show and gets consistently top rating... Read More »

How many seasons are there for heroes?

Heroes is currently in it's 3rd season :) sorry it is going into the 5th season