How many seasons does Neptune have?

Answer Each of Neptune's hemispheres goes through a spring, summer, fall, and winter cycle over the course of the planet's 165-year orbit. Each of these four seasons lasts more than 40 Earth years.Source:... Read More »

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Does Neptune have any seasons?

According to recent research done by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Neptune appears to have four seasons, similar to those on Earth. However, Neptune's distance from the sun makes each season la... Read More »

Does Neptune have seasons?

Just like Earth, Neptune has seasons. This is because the axis of the planet tilts slightly as it revolves around the sun. When Neptune's axis tilts, one hemisphere get more sunlight and the other ... Read More »

How many satellites does Neptune have?

The eighth planet away from the sun, Neptune, has 13 known satellites as of June 2010. There were only eight known satellites of Neptune until 2002 and 2003, when improved telescopes enabled astron... Read More »

How many natural satellites does Neptune have?

The planet Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun in Earth's solar system. Neptune has 13 natural satellites, or moons, which all orbit the planet in a circular, retrograde orbit. The largest mo... Read More »