What is the US foreign policy Freedom of the Seas and its role in the US joining of World War 1?

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DD's are the what of the seas?

They have been called the Cavalry of the Seas.

Does anyone know anything about seas. 3 of mlp; fim?

The only things we know about season 3, is there will be a episode where Twilight fails some sort of test.The Crystal fair will be there.And I remember reading on Equestria Daily, that Trixe will b... Read More »

What Causes Tides in the Seas?

Tides are the rise and fall of ocean water. These have a large impact on wildlife. For example, the green turtle will only come out of the water to lay eggs at high tide. Many animals living nea... Read More »

Where is the Splendour of the Seas?

The Royal Caribbean International ship Splendour of the Seas typically docks in Venice, Italy in the summer and fall, and Sao Paolo, Brazil in winter and spring. Cruises sailing from Venice travel ... Read More »