How many satellites does NASA have in space?

Answer 9 one is named after the man who launched it Noah dish

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How many active satellites are in space?

There are more than 800 active satellites currently in orbit. They represent four percent of the total number of objects currently cataloged by the U.S. space surveillance network; the rest include... Read More »

How many satellites does Dish Network have in space?

Dish Network has a total of 14 satellites orbiting in space. These satellites are capable of broadcasting approximately 2,700 channels of content at any given time. The most recent satellite launch... Read More »

How does NASA communicate with satellites in space?

Radio, possibly lasers. Not sure about that last but would not put it past the military and alphabet soup agencies. Seems to me that a laser could be aimed exactly at a satellite and so there would... Read More »

Did TV reception corporations like Dish Network or DirecTV put any satellites in space?

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