How many satellites orbit Venus?

Answer The planet Venus does not have any naturally occurring satellites, such as moons. However, man-made objects, such as the European Space Agency's Express probe, occasionally orbit the planet. These ... Read More »

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Where are DirecTV satellites in orbit?

If you're getting DirecTV service in the continental U.S. or Alaska, aim your receiver south of the border. DirecTV's satellite orbits the earth south of Texas, between 30 and 60 degrees above the ... Read More »

Are all satellites successfully launched&put into orbit?

It may be rocket science, but it isn't always flawless: Some satellites don't make it into orbit. For example, South Korea's KSLV-1 rocket exploded moments after takeoff in June 2010, and India's G... Read More »

What directions do satellites orbit the earth?

According to, most satellites are launched into space through rockets and set into an orbit. The speed of the satellite is balanced by the pull of Earth's gravity, and develops its own pat... Read More »

What country has the third-most satellites in orbit?

China has the third-most sattelites in orbit, with a total of 35 active satellites. They trail behind Russia, with 89 satellites in orbit, and the United States, with more than 400 active satellite... Read More »