How many rupees equal one lac?

Answer A lac, also known as a lakh, is the word in Pakistan and India for 100,000. Therefore, it takes 100,000 rupees to make one lac rupees. A crore is 100 lacs (10 million rupees).Source:The Free Dictio... Read More »

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How many rupees are equal to one pound?

The pound (GBP) is the standard unit of currency of the United Kingdom, while the rupee (INR) is the standard unit of currency of India. Conversion rates between currencies fluctuate throughout the... Read More »

How many rupees are in a lac?

One lakh (lac) is the Indian unit equaling 100,000; therefore 100,000 rupees are in a lakh. It is also commonly used in the South Asian nations of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. The word ... Read More »

What country uses rupees?

The rupee is a monetary unit used in India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Nepal and Seychelles. Although they share the same name, the rupees in each of these countries look different and may not be used in... Read More »

How many rupees would a i pad 2 cost?