How would you convert rounds per minute to rounds per second?

Answer If you're looking for the amount of time between one shot and the next, divide 60 by the RPM. For example, an AK-47 has a RPM of 600. You would do: 60 divided by 600. (Which equals 0.1)If you're lo... Read More »

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How many rounds can the Glock 29 hold?

The Glock 29 has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. This pistol requires 10mm ammunition and is most commonly used for self-defense. Glock was founded in 1963 and started manufacturing pistols in th... Read More »

How many rounds are in America's Got Talent?

There are auditions, Vegas, Hollywood, YouTube and Wildcard, Semi-Finals, Finals,

How many rounds are in an Olympic boxing match?

In an Olympic boxing match, there are four two-minute rounds, with a one-minute break in between each round. Olympic judges award points when a boxer cleanly hits his opponent in the front of the h... Read More »

How many rounds per minute could a m60 fire?

It had a cyclic rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute, rapid rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute, and a continued rate of fire of 100 rounds per minute.