How many rounds are in an Olympic boxing match?

Answer In an Olympic boxing match, there are four two-minute rounds, with a one-minute break in between each round. Olympic judges award points when a boxer cleanly hits his opponent in the front of the h... Read More »

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How many rounds are in a professional boxing match?

A professional boxing match is usually 10 to 15 rounds. Rounds are 3 minutes long, with a 1 minute rest period. Fights can end early for an injury, a knockout or a disqualification.References:Rings... Read More »

How many minutes are in a 12-round boxing match?

A 12-round boxing match is 36 minutes long. The uniform boxing rules of the Association of Boxing Commissions state that each round in a boxing match shall be three minutes long. Boxers receive one... Read More »

How to Promote a Boxing Match?

Promoting a boxing match requires patience as well as involvement with the local media. When promoting a boxing match one of the biggest factors is media presence. In order for everyone to know abo... Read More »

How to Prepare for a Boxing Match?

Boxing is an intense sport that requires participants to condition their bodies and learn techniques that will assist them in the ring. Training for a boxing match requires daily workouts that are ... Read More »