How many rooms are in Cambodia's Angkor Wat?

Answer The Cambodian temple Angkor Wat, which is the world's largest religious structure, has a main building that contains three wide galleries. It also includes a total of five shrine towers that surrou... Read More »

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How to Decorate Living Rooms, Dining Rooms & Kitchens?

Decorating a combined living room, dining room and kitchen area--sometimes called a great room--requires more planning than if the rooms were separated to avoid having decor that clashes in a large... Read More »

How big is Angkor Wat?

The Cambodian temple known as Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious structure. King Suryavarman II built it between 1113 and 1150. It measures 5,000 feet by 4,250 feet with an outer wall that... Read More »

Where is angkor wat?

Angkor Wat is located near the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. This ancient complex of temples and religious structures was built in the 12th Century. It was dedicated to Vishnu, the Hindu god.Sour... Read More »

How has Angkor Wat been used?

Angkor Wat in Cambodian has been consecrated as Hindu and Buddhist temples during its 800-year history; now it is an important site of tourism and scholarly study.Original UseSuryavarman II, king o... Read More »