How many rockstar vodkas will get me drunk?

Answer the most drunk? just have a long island iced tea lol

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I drunk a rockstar and it hurts so much?

It's obvious what you should do. DON'T drink it if it affects you that much and then you won't get the pain.!!

How many shots will it take to get me drunk?

3-4 depending on your height and metabolism. Try absynth if you're really wanting a fast delivery... wait, you're 14? Slightly illegal but whatever...

How many drinks will get me legally drunk?

Rats, I actually have criminal defense attorney lawyer friends and forensic scientist friends who could figure this out. I think one of them, some lawyer named Bubba (I'm not making this up) had th... Read More »

How many shots of vodka will it take to make me drunk?

if you drink a lot, 5 or 6, If you don't drink much...1